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Probably one of the most commonly used storage device for transporting ones data from one saved location to another, is flash drive. This storage device data holding capability ranges from few MB to multiple GB. Many a time’s users feel that some of the files which are saved over the drive must not be accessed by anyone else. So, what is the solution to such need? This requirement of making some of the specific files unavailable to people who are not authorized to do so, can be easily done by altering the settings of the flash drive.

Mainly files like account details of different bank, requires to be password protected. In case, if you need to share pen drive having such contents then, users need to protect those files from unauthorized access. There is simple solution to this problem, which allows users to hide their data. It can be done by following below mentioned steps:

  • First make the files hidden by selecting “Hidden” option in the properties of the file
  • Then, go organize menu and select Folder and search options
  • As this is clicked a window appears, where you need to select view
  • Under this just make a check mark on the option which details “Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives”

Although, this is quite an easy method, it has got a drawback. The drawback of this method is that if the system to which the flash drive has no such settings then, it would clearly show the files and folders. The only difference that can be felt by the users is that it is a bit faded in color. So, a general question that develops is “What is the authenticated and reliable way to encrypt data present on flash drive. The solution to such query is making use of Remo MORE tool.

Some people keep all their private data on a single portable flash drive. However, if such securely kept flash drive gets into the hands of some ill-mannered person, then, there are chances of financial as well as emotional drain. Henceforth, those people who keep their highly confidential data on flash drive are recommended to protect flash drive with password. As this is done users of the flash drive can remain calm and composed even after the flash drive gets lost or stolen, because of the password which needs to be filled up every time access to the flash drive is needed.

Some of the simple things that any user can perform to increase the security of the files saved over the flash drive are listed below:

  • Try not sharing the flash drive with people who are not known to you
  • Remove private files or folders from the flash drive which is regularly used
  • Limit the number of people who can access the flash drive using NTFS security tab

Generally this types of tasks proof to be very irritating for people who have limited knowledge of system functioning. For those people it would be very beneficial to make use of tool like Remo MORE. It has got one of the user interfaces, which just requires some simple clicks to be applied on the tool, to protect the files on flash drive. Remo MORE can function on different flash drive brands such as HP, SanDisk, Sony, Adata, Dell, Moserbaer, Kingston, Corsair, Transcend and various others.

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Follow Simple Steps to Encrypt Files Present on USB Flash Drive:

Step 1. First of all choose "Manage" from the Main Window of Remo MORE and then select File Manager.

Protect Flash Drive - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2. Next you need to set password for the files and folders as shown in Figure 2.

Protect USB Flash Drive - Set Password

Figure 2: Set Password

Step 3. Finally, select the files and folders which you wish to encrypt and press Lock as shown in Figure 3.

Password Protect USB Flash Drive - Locked Files and Folders

Figure 3: Locked Files and Folders

Download Remo MORE Windows

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