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Any kind of data loss is a very bad situation; however having such data loss into somebody else's possession, particularly if they get into the hands of wrong person then a very disastrous situation develops. In any ideal condition no data loss happens on flash drive, but, it can be advantageous for users to prepare for the worst possible scenario. The best strategy to protect flash drive files, is by awarding password to the USB flash drive. As the password is given to the flash drive each of the data over the USB drive becomes safe and secure.

Let’s assume one of such state of affair where providing password to the USB flash drive can be beneficial. Suppose that you have got a Kingston flash drive. On this USB drive you have saved a lot of confidential files such as bank account details like username, password, ATM pin, etc. Some of the other private files can be email details, project on which working, social networking website details, and many more. Therefore, if such crucial details get into hands of ill-mannered person then, it paves the way for data misuse. Such kind of sophisticated data can be awarded robust security by just implementing Remo MORE which can help users to avail password to the USB flash drive.

Although flash drive data holding capablity is quite small in comparison to hard drive, it has got enough space to save some of the sophisticated files or folders. This drive is mainly used to transfer data from one location to another with ease. The best aspect of this storage device is that it is quite small and very much portable. If USB flash drive contains some of the private data that you don’t wish to share it with anyone then, the best possible solution is awarding password to the flash drive.

Some of the files which are saved over the flash drive can be awarded security separately, but it is always advantageous to provide a single password to the USB flash drive. The benefit of this is that it requires just one time password for the files which are saved over the flash drive. As password is encrypted on the flash drive no data can be accessed without implementation of password. The other advantage of using password is that even if flash drive is lost under any circumstance you can remain tension free because you have encrypt data present on flash drive.

This software helps in making password for the USB flash drive of different brands such as Kingston, SanDisk, LaCie, Transcend, Lexar, HP, Sony, Panda, and many more brands. Along with its functioning on the flash drive Remo MORE can be used over external hard drive as well. At any stage if you feel like you need not have password any more on the flash drive then, you can unlock the password quite easily, by making use of the great user interface available over this software. To know much more about how to protect flash drive data, simply click on the given link:

Download Remo MORE Windows

Simple Procedure to Protect Files on Flash Drive:

Step 1. Download and install Remo MORE software on your computer or laptop. Choose Manage from the Main Window after installtion of Remo MORE is finished.

Protect Flash Drive with Password - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2. On Manage window click on "File Manager" and then, create password for the files as shown in Figure 2.

Password Protected USB Flash Drive - Set Password

Figure 2: Set Password

Step 3. After password is created choose the files and folders which you wish to keep safe and click Lock button as shown in Figure 3.

Password Protect Flash Drive Data - Locked Files and Folders

Figure 3: Locked Files and Folders

Download Remo MORE Windows

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